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The Gear Ball In Action

Gear Ball Amazing  gear puzzle

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Tim Dolounge Verified Buyer

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Marc Happus Verified Buyer

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Tavis Parker Verified Buyer

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Ages: 9 to 99

Difficulty: hard


Scramble up the colors and put ‘em back together, just like the classic puzzle cube. Simple, right? Not so much… Gear Ball is not for the feint of heart or the easily discouraged!


Gear Ball is one of the year’s best-selling brainteasers, and is the perfect gift for any avid puzzler. Get your hands on one today and happy puzzling!


Why It Rocks

New “twist” on the classic cube

Gear Ball is perfect for any cube enthusiast looking for a new challenge. Different style, different feel, same goal: get each gear color back on it's side.



The Gear Ball gears connect and disconnect so easily that it's as much fun to twist it around as it is to solve it. You’ll find yourself twisting Gear Ball mindlessly without even realizing it.


Puzzle art

True to the Meffert style, a solved Gear Ball, with it’s six distinct colors and rounded edges, looks more like a piece of art than a puzzle.

A true challenge

Gear Ball is not a puzzle that will fall easily. Revel in the challenge.